Best Tourist Destinations in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Going on vacation becomes an emerging essential need for those who live in big cities due to its hectic and stressful atmosphere. By having a vacation, you can relieve stress from your body and mind. Semarang, Indonesia, is a place you can choose for your vacation. There are a lot of tourist attraction to visit and we will elaborate some best tourist destinations in Semarang.

The list below will give a brief review about popular tourism spots in Semarang that you can visit.

  • Trying flying fox to cross a valley: Umbul Sidomukti has a lot of great attractions, and one of them is flying fox. This flying fox is installed on 2000 meter valleys and it takes approximately 20 seconds to fly to another point. You can enjoy the awesome landscape beneath while flying above the greeneries. This attractions truly gives the best sensation and view. It only cost less than 3 dollars to enjoy the attractions. Make sure you have no phobia for height and prepare your heart before trying the attraction. It will surely stimulate your adrenaline.
  • Visiting Buddhagaya Watugong Monastery: this monastery can be considered as the largest Buddhist monastery in Semarang. It consists of two major buildings, the Dhammasala and the Avalokitesvara Pagoda, and other smaller buildings. You can also see a natural gong-shaped stone named Watugong, or literally meant Gong Stone, situated next to security outpost. The Avalokitesvara Pagoda is considered the Indonesia’s tallest pagoda, with 45 meters tall. It contains over thirty statues, including an Avalokitesvara Boddhisatva statue with 5 meters high and has 7 floors. Most of the buildings in this monastery have red colors.
  • Tasting Luwak coffee: Semarang has one of the best coffeehouse where you can try to taste the infamous Luwak coffee. The coffeehouse is called Blue Lotus. Luwak coffee is famous due to the unusual process from civet cat’s digestive enzyme. Yes, civet cats will eat coffee beans and Luwak coffee is made from the beans obtained from civet cat’s feces. It may sounds like an unpleasant process. However, the digestive enzymes enhance the taste of the coffee, making it different from any other coffee you have ever taste. You can also order regular latte in this coffeehouse.
  • Going to Tay Kak Sie Temple: Tay Kak Sie literally means “Temple of Supreme Consciousness”. This shrine was initially built to worship Guanyin, the East Asian Boddhisatva divinity. However, in 1800, the worshippers who used to pray at Sam Poo Kong Temple decided to bring a statue of Zheng He to this temple because the Sam Poo Kong’s Jewish owner decided to charge them for praying. Based on several citizens, Tay Kak Sie can be considered as the best-decorated temple within Semarang. You can prove this statement by yourself by visiting the temple and admire the architecture and ornaments used in this temple.

There are still many interesting spots in Semarang that you can visit if you have more time. But for a short vacation, these places should be enough to represent the beauty offered by the city to make your vacation unforgettable.


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