The Beauty of Lombok and What You Can Do in the Island

You may not be all too familiar with the Island, but once you see the beauty of Lombok yourself, it is guaranteed that it would be hard for you to shed the image. It is understandable that you have yet to discover this gem of tourism wonder. Bali takes the cake for god knows how long when it comes to Indonesian tourism. People all over the world have long associated Indonesia with Bali that they tend to overlook the possibility of other islands that make up the country becoming a precious and preferable alternative to the former.

When it comes to the debate of beauty of Lombok or Bali, there is no single way to decide which one of them is the best. To say that one is better than the other is not fair, not even remotely. The two are comparable with one another but Bali seems to win the battle just because it is exposed to the international stage earlier in development. Being one of the oldest tourism destination in Indonesia (and perhaps even in Asia), Bali stands out in a lot of fronts. But that is not to say that Lombok is less than capable of holding a candle to its neighbor. The two practically share the same root in terms of tradition; they have strong Hindu-based culture although Lombok grew to being predominantly Moslems in the process.

In regards of beauty of Lombok hotels, accommodation is by no means scarce in the Island. Similar to the ones found in Bali, hotels in Lombok are available for guests of different backgrounds and budgets. Those who come to island expecting lush, tropical holiday experience can choose to stay at exclusive resorts and bungalows. Those traveling on a budget can instead stay at a decent homestay to put expenses in check. Lombok Island slowly but sure emerges to challenge its neighbor’s reign as world-class travel destination. Tourists (domestic or international) are even keener today to choose Lombok rather than Bali. The reason behind this shift is attributed to the fact that Lombok Island offers visitors a different shade of holiday that is somewhat polar opposite of that of Bali. Bali’s tourism is riddled with hectic and bustling modern living while Lombok has tons of tropical-island living in its disposal to satisfy tourists. Below is a short list of activities you can expect once you set your feet on the island:

  1. Snorkeling at the Gili Islands,
  2. Shopping for art pieces such as handmade tapestry or pottery,
  3. Enjoying a truly relaxing traditional massage,
  4. Dipping into pools below waterfalls (recommended spots include SindangGile and Tiu Kelep),
  5. Enjoying interaction with the locals to get a better understanding about the Island’s rich culture,
  6. Hiking up the Mount Rinjani for a more physical activity,
  7. Taking part in BauNyale Festival, where you can experience eating roasted worms,
  8. Taking in beach scenes,
  9. Challenging yourself with chili pepper-based dishes, and
  10. Exploring the island on a motorcycle.

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